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Summer Art Camps

Summer Art Camps:

Due to covid-19 all summer art camps are now sold in art-camp-kits to be done at home.

I will still be teaching the camps via video.

Parents DO NOT have to be involved unless they want to be. I even teach the kids how to set up and clean up.

Your camp-kit will have MORE projects for the same price as an in-person camp to make up for the loss of the in-person experience.

Your child will still get individualized attention via scheduled FaceTime chats with me. YOU can schedule those to your convenience via an online schedule I will provide.

There are 2 ways to order your camp...
1. You can order an age-appropriate camp and trust me to fill it with a variety of projects and media, like ceramics, sculpture, painting, ect. 
2. You can order a "build-your-own-camp"...this way you can order the exact projects you want in your kit.  Maybe you want 3 of your kids to do the same ceramic project, you can.  You can order for various ages.  You can order one project at a time throughout the summer and they will be applied to your kit payment.

To Find these Awesome Camp-Kits click on the Camp-Kit button on the left of your screen! 

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