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I'm Excited to Announce...
Make At Home Art Kits are
NOW Available!
Here is how it works....
Click on the "Art Kits to Do At Home" tab on the left to find all the kits we now have available.
Remember that the price listed is the price BEFORE you are REFUNDED the cost of tools once you return them.
Once you order I will text you when your kit is available. 
Pick up will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am-3:00pm
BUT we can always arrange a more convenient time if those times don't work.
If projects are ceramic or glass you will need to bring them back to be fired.

You can also click on the "Build-Your-Own-Art-Kit" on the left to order add-on supplies or just supplies you can use at home.

All kits will come with instructions and links to videos to make "making" easier!

When you return the non-consumable tools I will refund you in cash.

And remember, I am always available for advice, ideas and help via!

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