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Fall/Winter Art Classes
Whether you favor InPerson or MakeAtHome
We have something for you!

What a year, huh? I have gone back and forth on what to do about Art Classes this fall/winter, and I decided to do it all! I will be offering IN-PERSON CLASSES as well as MAKE AT HOME CLASSES. And you can switch at anytime! Trying to keep things flexible here!

Here is the rundown on how each will work. And YOU PICK!  Just click on your choice on the left.

InPerson Classes:
-Meet once a week from Sept to April.
-Classses will begin the week of Sept. 14th
-You pay in 6-class-increments so I can order supplies in advance.
-You can start and stop at anytime. (for example when basketball begins you may want to stop classes at that point, or if you are involved in a fall sport you may want to begin later in the year) But it will depend on availability.
-You DO NOT PAY FOR MISSED CLASSES. I keep a card for each child and keep track of when they attend. When they have attended 5 of the paid classes I will email you to either pay for another 6 classes or opt out after the 6th paid class. Think of it as a punch card.
-Projects overlap. What that means is that we don’t do one project per class. Some projects need to dry, to be fired, to have several layers, ect. So I overlap the projects so we may work with clay for part of the class and then start a painting at the end of class. This means that I cannot guarantee that we won’t be in the middle of a project if you opt out after 6 classes.
-Social distancing is essentially impossible in the space we have to work. But class sizes will be kept to no more than 10.
-Masks will be optional, but that is subject to change. (I have a lung condition that makes breathing difficult while wearing a mask, so I don’t feel like I can force the kids to wear them)
-Supplies will be shared to a certain extent…Everything will be cleaned, sanitized, ect at the end of each day and fresh supplies will be used for each new class.
-All supplies will be included in the cost of the classes.
- I am absolutely willing to add more classes! I need at least 5 students to make the class worthwhile, if you have a group of 5 or more we can chat and schedule a class that works for you!

MakeAtHome Classes:
-These projects are a GREAT way to have your child experience art at home from a certified art teacher at a decent cost. Instead of buying 12 bottles of paint and wasting all the extra, for example, you will only pay for the small amount needed for the project you order.
-These MakeAtHome classes can be picked up anytime after September 14th and available until April. After you order it takes a week to get ready.
-These classes are listed as “Projects” individually on the website. You can purchase them one at a time or in a bundle.
-Each project comes with all the tools and supplies you need AND its own How-To video.
-The videos are easy to follow and can be stopped and started so you can work along.
-The kits include all the “extras” the students would get in class like supplemental coloring sheets, info on artists, and other resources.
-The projects we do in class will be added to the list of projects available to do at home as well as the 40 projects from the summer.
-You child can choose from painting, sculpture, ceramic clay, printmaking, glass, ect. Something for everyone.
-Some projects will need to be brought back to be fired or finishing touches added.
-I will be available to help anytime via zoom, text, face time.
-All projects are sanitized and packaged carefully.
-If you bundle them and spend $100 or more you will receive a 15% discount on the bundle.

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